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Promoting your training on Social media

25 September 2018

So, you’ve identified your skills gap, done the training and now you want to tell the world about it. You need to update your online presence to show your new skills.

Pick the most appropriate channel for your industry and decide how you want to position yourself – Expert, Advocate or Follower.

The Role of an Advocate

If you are new to the game, try the role of advocate. Show your passion for your learning and how this changes your company or your industry. For example; if you have just completed a management training course you could now become an advocate for companies investing in upskilling their employees. Is it important for your company to have new managers? Does this increase their capacity to service clients? Is there a skills gap in your region?

Pick your Channel

Each industry and job role has its own preferred social media channel. In the IT industry, for example, Linkedin is a popular way of updating peers and clients whilst the beverage industry tends to use more visual channels such as Instagram and Twitter. Travel companies use Facebook to get to the heart of consumers with a combination of text and images. Whichever channel is the most relevant to your industry, focus on this and don’t try and spread yourself too thinly.


Sounds obvious but you’ll need to add your training to Linkedin and get endorsements for your new skills. Try the following;

  • Pick an interesting topic within your training and comment on your learning – Advocate position
  • Link to your training provider
  • Reference new research on your chosen topic – align yourself with this research to show your competency
  • Ask for endorsements offline – get a friend who can start the ball rolling 

Get the best ROI on the time and money spent on training by promoting it to your colleagues and the wider world using a voice that best represents your chosen industry sector.