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The Lincolnshire Skills Gap

28 September 2018

Recent Research from the Greater Lincolnshire Local Enterprise Partnership suggests a skills gap in Lincolnshire area which needs to be addressed to meet the growth forecast predicted over the next five years within the region.

Within the skills gap is a more specific gap in managerial and supervisory skills with GLEEP reporting 28% of professional and 23% of managerial/ director/ senior vacancies as hard to fill.  Current candidates lack skills in commercial awareness, supervising and managing teams and specific IT skills need to communicate business needs.

GLEEP notes that whilst FE colleges exist in Greater Lincolnshire they are clustered in the West of the county and mainly fall outside of the 30-minute drive time criteria for those in eastern and coastal areas. In addition, they tend to open during term time only and so do not always fit in with the requirements of seasonal based businesses in the local area.

Local evidence shows that many young adults seek to leave the area, in part because they perceive a lack of opportunities for career advancement – a perception that is not born out by figures for projected job opportunities.

As an employer what can you do to fill this skills gap?

Investing in training protects your investment, ensures the smooth running of your company and motivates your employees to stay within the company and within the region.